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The number of desperate people travelling to this Sussex beauty spot
Britain Syria
Peace campaigners today warned MPs against being hoodwinked into supporting a disastrous military adventure in Syria
Trade unionists and MPs mobilised in force today to demand answers from the Colombian government following the detention
WHO Inequality
THE World Health Organisation released a new report on Thursday which concluded that "social injustice is killing people on a grand scale."
Content Ireland
IN the recent history of the Irish peace process, a process which is still working itself out, it has always been Sinn Fein
From capitalism’s hijacking of sport to the story of the legendary Bill Shankly, the Philosophy Football founder gives his pick of this summer’s best books by Mark Perryman


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UN Watchdog
A UN watchdog will touch down in Britain tomorrow to investigate the "bedroom tax" and eviction threats driving tenants to suicide.
On the centenary of one of the most important industrial struggles in Ireland's history we talk to John Newsinger about his new book on the Dublin Lockout - and its lessons for workers today
The future Ms Manning faces as a trans woman in a military prison for men is unacceptable
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