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Fat Cat Bankers shit on the country as the public carried the burden for the 2008 financial meltdown. The parasitical nature of finance capital and it's inevitable result is given short sharp treatment.

Country Supper

The News International phone hacking scandal exposed just how closely connected the politcal, media establishments are. Martin reflects on the 'close relationship' between Prime Minister David Cameron and former News of the World, then The Sun Editor Rebekah Brooks. Rupert Murdoch is still at large and the power of the right wing mass media remains unchallenged and deeply entreched within British society.

Happy Christmas


Also produced as a special Morning Star Xmas card in 2007, Martin marks Gordon Brown's first festive period as British Prime Minister after 10 years waiting in the wings. After an initially successful few months in office his poor political judgement become apparent by announcing a General election wouldn't happen until 2010 despite a substantial poll lead at the time.

The Future!


Capitalist politicians' ability to hold slap-up international summits to much news coverage and acclaim, but don't actually lead to any substantial action, continues today on climate change. Martin's cutting analysis of the triumph of rhetoric over substance that was 2007 United Nations Climate Change conference in Bali - the 13th since the original Copenhagen agreement. Plus ça change - as the few sincere participants at the Paris conference must've reflected.




Brown's continual plummet in the polls leads to further jettisoning of 'old' labour principles that many on the labour movement hoped he would bring back. As the architect of New Labour's economic policies for more than a decade, particularly the scrapping of the 10% tax band for the lowest earners which he implemented as Chancellor and came into force as PM demonstrated he's willingness to kowtow to City interests with disastrous results for workers and ultimately the Labour Party.

Red Lines

Gordon Brown's insistence on pressing ahead with the adoption of the EU constitution - in spite of it's rejection by referendums in France, Denmark and Ireland - triggered the enmity of Rupert Murdoch who began to ramp up the anti-Brown rhetoric. Brown's 'Red Lines' were the test he imposed on the constitution as a measure to whether or not it imposed on Britain's "National Interest" in areas relating to "Justice, Home and Foreign affairs" whilst the Sun demanded "The EU referendum. He promised it. We want it."

The Cat that Never Shat

Darling's propensity to shovel money at the City is given the Rowson treatment. Immaculate pin striped City bankers can't hide their eagerness to consume taxpayer funds. New Labour's naivity in expecting any sort of return for the fawning sucking up to the City is treated to a stinging critique by Martin.

Capitalism - latest pictures...


Parodying 'from the battle scene' reports and the Colossus of Rhodes, Martin demonstrates in his unique style the sheer scale of the public bailout as the financial earthquake continues to reverberate around the world. Ordinary people, crushed by its impact, are disempowered by a Government in thrall to the bankers.

Those Politicians, Eh?

A mordant reflection by Martin on the 2009 MPs expenses scandal. The revelations about the widespread misuse of allowances and expenses permitted to Members of Parliament, which cut across party lines and benches - generated a torrent of justifiable public anger. Tory grandees were seen claiming for moat clearing and floating duck-houses and MPs of all stripe appeared to be feathering their nests by claiming for second homes, refurbishment costs and other excessive benefits. The revelations resulted in a large number of resignations, sackings, de-selections, retirement announcements and even some criminal prosecutions. It provided a visible demonstration of the disconnection between people in Britain, who were grappling with the consequences of the financial crisis and their elected representatives.

Eye for Eye

Part of a series by Martin, this time commenting acidly on the Isreali assault on Gaza, Operation Cast Lead. Raining death on a people already facing years of oppression, violence and a humanitarian crisis, the conflict resulted in an astonishing mismatch of casualties as densely populated urban centres were targeted by a co-ordinated ground, air and sea attack. This resulted in the death of around 1,400 Palestinians (the majority civilian) and 13 Israelis (4 from friendly fire). Isreal continues to act with impunity in Palestine…



The Sun withdrew its support for Labour in September 2009 as Rupert Murdoch decided Gordon Brown was a lost cause who would no longer do his bidding and switched support to the Tories. This didn’t endear him to Brown. During a later Commons debate on the phone-hacking scandal, in July 2011, the former Prime Minister branded News International "a criminal media nexus" which "claimed to be on the side of the law-abiding citizen" but in fact stood "side-by-side with criminals against our citizens". He went on: "Others have said that in the behaviour towards those without a voice of their own, News International descended from the gutter to the sewer. The tragedy is that they let the rats out of the sewer." Bizarrely, Murdoch later claimed in evidence to the Leveson enquiry that they had bonded over their shared Scottish heritage, both descending from a long line of Presbyterian ministers!

I've seen the future


Martin captures beautifully the trademark smirk that accompanies Osborne’s public utterances about the overriding ‘need’ for austerity and savage cuts to public services generated by what is, after all, a crisis of capitalism. And in the full knowledge that the rich are using the recession to get still richer. Pulling a wing off a fly is a nice touch, underlining the casual cruelty that Osborne and his Bullingdon pals display towards ordinary people.  We’re all in the shit, indeed!

Dave says...

As the party of 'aspiration' sucks the NHS dry and turns it into a living corpse, red-faced Cameron is revealed for what he is. A hypocritical parasite whose friving ambition is to destroy health and other public services and feed them to 'privateers'. The neoliberal mantra of 'private good, public bad' is never more starkly revealed than in the Tory treatment of the NHS. Martin's depiction of Cameron across his cartoons as stereotypical arisocratic fauning twerp references the disconnection from ordinary people of the Tory leadership.

New Slick

The 4.9 million barrels of crude oil that spilled into the Gulf of Mexico as a result of the explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in 2010 was an almost unprecedneted environmental disaster. Caused by the relentless pursuit of profit by the oil companies and the usual corner cutting to minimise costs. The Tories were caught between trying to maneuver between Obama's criticisms and their natural affinity for a British oil giant being pillored in the world media. After the initial furore, George 'slick' Osbourne has returned to being a unregenerate capitalist by offering BP and other in the oil and gas industries £billions worth of tax cuts.

Latest Eye-for-Eye...

A further installment in Martin's acerbic take on Netanyahu's ongoing military assault on the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank. When will it end? Women, children and male civilians are percieved as collatoral damage by politicians like Netanyahu whose expression reeks of malice and glee.

Can Of Worms

As allegations of systemic sexual abuse expose Home Secretary Theresa May responds by establishing a Independent inquiry and appointing Baroness Butler-Sloss to head it up. After just six days in charge she's forced to step down when it's revealed that as part of the establishmet she has extensive personal relationships with those that she's meant to be investigating.


Up until now Labour leaders had just had trouble with smiling and lying to parliament but Ed Milliband managed to somehow take failing to a whole new level by struggling to look human whilst consuming a bacon sandwich in the run up to the 2015 general election. His essential decency was obscured by his timidity and inabiity to develop a clear progressive political programme which tackled, amongst other things, the excesses of the banks.

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